Art and Possibility has offered day long workshops to community groups in the past. These workshops focus on the experience of community art making and the creation of an art installation with the art pieces by workshop’s end.

The Art of Self-Care

  • In my day-to-day clinical work, I often witness signs of physical, mental, and spiritual exhaustion, in both clients and myself, due to the multiple demands on our personal resources when we care for others.
  • In Art Therapy, art making can re-ignite our innate and creative fires that initiate self-care. Mindfully approached, the process of art making invites engagement of the senses and submersion into the experience and joy of moment-to-moment awareness promoting balance and well-being.
  • In this session I will guide you through mindfulness-based art therapy activities intended to share with each participant a sense of calm, focus, and an overall improved sense of well-being.

The Art of Grief and Loss

  • Everyone has his or her own experience of grief and loss; it can be loud, quiet, sharp, soft, expansive, suffocating, visible, invisible, lonely, or crowded. It can bring families together or freeze members in isolation, be complicated or straightforward; the categories are never-ending and unique to each individual. It is a universal experience that has touched everyone’s life in some way and one of the most difficult processes for us to endure and find our way through.
  • This is an experiential workshop where you will explore the power of the arts in shaping and expressing the nature and experience of grief and loss in a  safe and compassionate community of participants.