Bobbie Rasmussen-Merz.

I have spent 25 years working, training, educating and playing within the distinct qualities, rhythms, nuances, strengths and limitations of talk therapy and 8 in the tradition of art and expressive arts therapy. I am comfortable in the area of mental health, steeped in medical model and evidence-based protocols as well as in arts-based therapy. I find that the arts can be integrated into any therapeutic experience whether it is simply engaging the imagination or playing directly with art supplies.

The sensitivity, playfulness and creativity that I am known for, as well as the serious training, education and depth of experience I have professionally, are reflected in my therapeutic work. I have a deeply relational approach to therapy and see this as paramount to doing effective work.

Art therapy isn't for everyone but everyone is capable of participating. I can attest that true artistic talent is not a measure of one’s capacity to heal through the arts, however a willingness to explore and be open to what surprises await, is.

Art therapy can hold experiences and emotions that sometimes lie beneath or outside everyday language and may feel too complex or overwhelming to share directly. Creating with art materials gives voice to the speechless, form to the formless and honours our own lived experiences through colour, shape, texture, and metaphor.

As part of my commitment to continuing education I attend conferences and training throughout the year to remain current. I am also a thesis advisor to graduate level students who are studying expressive arts therapy at The European Graduate School in conjunction with Vancouver School of Expressive Arts Therapy. I enjoy working in an academic environment enriched with the energy and spirit of the creative arts while focusing on the healing traditions I am passionate about.