The thought of group sessions may feel off-putting for many people seeking help. People tend to prefer individual sessions where they have the privacy and time to share and explore their own stories. Groups can feel intimidating and downright scary at first. As social beings however, there is great healing power in participating in a safe and supportive community. Not only is your own story witnessed, you are able to learn from others' experiences. The bonus is that everyone in group is experiencing similar issues so there is mutual compassion and understanding.

Art & possibility provides psycho-educational groups for individuals struggling with disordered eating and relationship with food.

We also offer small art therapy groups as well as small, single session intensives. Groups often begin with an art directive that suggests how to approach art making, followed by directed activity. Finally we guide each group member through an aesthetic process of connecting your artwork and art making with your current life situation.

If you are interested in doing some group work we can discuss your needs.