Seeking Support.

We all have our own unique way of being in the world. At Art & Possibility we seek to support you in approaching your distress with curiosity and non-judgement and then exploring options such as:

  • accepting something that cannot be changed,
  • problem solving how to change something that can be changed,
  • exploring new possibilities to live differently,
  • changing your relationship toward something that cannot be changed.

At Art & Possibility we see suffering as a basic part of being human rather than a disease to be eradicated or a flaw to be fixed. Symptoms may inform a diagnosis as well as the therapeutic approach but can also be listened to for what wisdom they may hold. We do not see you as one of life’s casualties who needs to be saved by an expert because you are helpless to change your circumstances. Rather, we see you as a co-participant in the therapeutic process. You are an expert in your own life and we hold expertise in therapy. If you choose to engage with the arts, the artwork becomes the third participant in the relationship who provides its own wisdom and insight.