Our Approach.

At Art & Possibility our approach is unique in that we are able to draw on a variety of methods from the fields of talk, art and expressive arts therapy. While many believe that talk therapy and the arts do not mix, standard treatment methods can easily be used within an art therapy session. Likewise, the arts can be utilized within a talk therapy session simply by using the imagination.

With more than just technical knowledge, our approach is built upon connecting with you, listening and really understanding what is getting in your way. Together we explore new potentials and possibilities for things to be better. This focus on relationship is paramount in both talk and art therapy fields. In art therapy the relationship includes your artwork.

What makes art therapy distinct from talk therapy is attention to the triangular relationship between client, therapist and art. Here we respect the artwork by placing awareness and curiosity on both your creative process and product without judgement or interpretation. It is often hard not to criticize ourselves or be anxious about making art. Art therapy is about quality of expression not technical expertise. My clients are often surprised with what they learn from their art when they quietly listen to what it has to offer once it emerges from the blank paper.

Whether you want to try a single session, a few, or many we can work together to tailor our services to your individual needs.

Serious Play:
How to Play Seriously in Therapy
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