Our individual sessions take place in our space on Victoria Street. It has a traditional therapy section, as well as a separate art studio that can be accessed at anytime during session. You are not limited to one part of the space and can use either at any time. You do not need to make art to appreciate the beauty of the studio space or find it inspiring.

Our therapy can draw upon many different approaches and methods depending upon what best fits your needs and goals. We are here to create an experience that honours and reflects where you are in the moment.

Sessions last one hour.


We have specialist experience in working with adolescents and understand that initially engaging and building a relationship with a youth is paramount. Bobbie has worked with younger people for the majority of her career and brings an abundance of energy and humour to her work with this favorite client group.

Adolescence is a time of exploration, experimentation, differentiating from parents, and  becoming more independent. It can also be a time of great angst, pain and confusion. Sometimes talking to parents or friends does not work, however the prospect of sharing with a therapist may be equally unappealing. We have found that art making generally intrigues this age group to the degree that they will attend an initial meeting so they can check us out.

The arts tend to be a natural fit with youth. Whether they are doodling on paper while discussing their lived experiences or fully engaging in an art making process, most youth seem to feel more comfortable doing something in therapy versus face to face talking.

Art therapy is not art class. No skill is necessary, only a willingness to experiment with the materials and find a comfortable process. It is also helpful to remember that all talk therapy methods can be integrated into the art making process.